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According to European “Consumer right” regulations, in force since 13th June 2014, the right to withdrawal, which refers to your online order annulment, can be exercised WITHIN 15 DAYS AFTER ORDER DELIVERY (if expiry date is not a working day, it will be postponed until the next working day).

Return reason is not relevant, you can decide to return purchased goods because you changed idea or you had other justifications.

If you want to exercise the right to withdrawal, you have to communicate your decision to the seller explicitly: you can send an email to or a written statement included in the package you send us by post.

BE CAREFUL: If you buy with VAT registration number, you cannot exercise the right to withdrawal.

We refund the amount of the purchased product within 15 days since the reception of withdrawal notification, we can delay the refund if we do not receive evidence of goods shipment or of the goods themselves.
Shipping costs will not be refunded.

You have to pay the cost of unwanted product return.

You have to send the package with the goods (within 15 days since the transmission of withdrawal notification confirmed by to the following address:




BE CAREFUL: If you decide to return the product, you CANNOT utilise the goods or open the package of sealed products.

Before refunding you, we assess that the returned product and the original package are intact, the package has to be complete and it has to include all its components (packaging, possible documents and secondary equipment: manuals, cables, etc.).
We recommend you to send it inside a second box, in order to avoid damages due to the transport, and not to add labels or stickers on the original package. We remember you that until the product does not arrive to our headquarters, your are responsible for it.

If something happens during return shipping, we will communicate it immediately to enable you to denounce it promptly.

The right is applied to the intact purchased product: you cannot return only one part of the purchased product.

We will agree on the REFUND methods.



The right to withdrawal decays completely, if the good, the package and/or its contents are not intact, when we notice:
-a partial use of the product and possible consumable stores;
-the lack of external package and/or the whole original packaging;
-the damage of the product due to reasons not related to the transport;
-the lack of integral elements of the product (accessories, components, etc.).
If these situations happen, the purchased goods will be returned to the sender, who will pay shipping costs.
Customers who buy with VAT registration number cannot exercise the right to withdrawal.



All the products sold by Shopfarma24 have conventional manufacturer guarantee and 24 month guarantee due to lack of conformity, according to DL 24/02. The Customer will have to keep order summary which he/she will receive by email in order to have guarantee assistance. The Customer who accepts assistance procedures of the purchase contract accepts assistance methods existing at the moment of the claim.The conventional manufacturer guarantee is provided according to the methods described in the documentation included in the product package.

24 month guarantee according to DL 24/02 is applied to the product which has a lack of conformity, if the product itself is used correctly, according to its final use and to the attached technical documentation. This guarantee is reserved to private consumer (a person who buys the goods for personal use, the purchase is not related to his/her professional activity, which means that he/she buys without indicating VAT registration number in the order form). If there is a lack of conformity, Shopfarma24 will restore product conformity by repairing/substituting or by reducing the price, until the contract rescission. The Customer will have to send the good to our headquarters:

PMG SYSTEM 05322020289


If Shopfarma24 is not able to return a guarantee product to the Customer (restored or substituted), it could return the total paid amount or substitute the product with another one with the same or higher features. If the fault does not present a lack of conformity according to DL 24/02 after an intervention by an Authorised Assistance Centre, control and restoration costs required by the Authorised Assistance, transport costs paid by Shopfarma24 will be charged to the Customer.

  • DOA (Dead on Arrival)

In case of DOA (Dead On Arrival: a product which does not work after the delivery), the substitutions are possible only if the manufacturer forecasts them and if the product has Italian guarantee (se prodotto a garanzia Italiana). Return times and the possible reparation of the product depend on manufacturer policy.
Be careful: the product which does not work after the delivery is different to a product who is damaged due to the transport.
If Shopfarma24 is not able to return a guarantee product to the Customer (restored or substituted), it could return at its discretion the total paid amount or substitute the product with another one with the same or higher features.


Substitution times or possible reparation of the product depend on manufacturer policy.


If the guarantees forecast product return, the good has to be returned to the Customer with its original package, complete with all its components (including packaging and possible documentation and secondary equipment: manuals, cables, etc.), in order to limit the damage of original package, we recommend if it possible to put it inside a second box; you should not add labels or adhesive tape on the original package of the product.
According to the D.Lgs. 206/05, the product will have to be returned within 15 working days since goods reception.


If you have any problems with delivered products (product which does not correspond or it is damaged, missing material, etc.), you have to contact us.
Shopfarma24 will use this information to personalise and improve its service.


Shopfarma24 pays attention to its customer’s needs. Tell us possible anomalies or disruptions: missing goods, staff who is not professional, carriers who are not reliable, etc.
We are ready to ask you and to solve your problems. You can send a written complaint to the address PMG SYSTEM 05322020289 or by email



Sale contract between the Customer and PMG SYSTEM is finalized in Italy and it is regulated by Italian law. After the conclusion of the distance sale contract, in order to solve civil and penal debates, if the Customer is a consumer, territorial competence refers to the law court of the town where he/she lives; in the other cases, the law court of Vicenza has the territorial competence.



All the prices of the products displayed on the website, which are an offer for sale according to the article 1336 c.c., include VAT and other taxes.
If the prices do not correspond, after the Customer order, the prices will be communicated to the Customer immediately by telephone or by email; the Customer can change decision about the purchase without any penalty.
The Customer can buy the products of electronic catalogue of when the order is sent. The images and the technical data included in product data sheet can be incomplete or not comprehensive regarding specific features, they can be classified according to weight, colours, etc..
The right order shipping is confirmed by by answering via email sent to the email address communicated by the Customer. This confirmation message will show data of the Customer, who will check if they are correct and will communicate possible corrections.
When the Customer orders an item at, he/she declares to view sale conditions, available payment methods and purchase procedure. According to the articles 3 and 4 D.Lgs. 185/89, the Customer will receive via email all the essential indications to identify the seller, which have to be kept together with email of contract acceptance.




D.Lgs. n. 196, 30th June 2003
Personal data required during the order submission are received by PMG SYSTEM and they are on storage devices, in order to satisfy the obligations related to the sale contract and they will not be transferred to other societies which are not essential for the contract conclusion.
Shopfarma24 guarantees the Customers the respect of the law regarding personal data treatment, according to the privacy code D.Lgs. n. 196, 30th June 2003.
PMG SYSTEM is the owner of data treatment.


Personal data are collected in order to register the Customer and to start the procedures of completion of the contract and the concerning communications; these data are electronic processed according to the current regulations and they can be exhibited exclusively if they are required by judicial authority or by other authorities if necessary.
The subject has the following rights established by the article 7 D.Lgs. 196/2003: to ask the confirmation of presence of own personal data nearby the headquarters; to know the source, the logic and the aims of treatment; to obtain the update, the adjustment and the integration; to ask the annulment, the change anonymously or the block in case of illegal treatment; to oppose to their treatment for legal reasons or if the data are used for advertisement, commercial information, market researches, direct selling and interactive commercial communications.
If you want to cancel your personal data, you should send a written communication by post to the company headquarters.
PMG SYSTEM is the owner of personal data collection.


Security standard, used by to make your personal information reserved and confidential, including “firewall” and data transmission by SSL (Secure Socket Layer), are the best from a technical point of view. We also used specific techniques in order to protect these data from non authorised accesses by external users. We guarantee basic safety measurements indicated in Privacy Code and the following modifications.

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According to Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze, 27th October 2015 (D.Lgs. 42/2015 art.22), online sales of products and/or services (e-commerce) towards private consumers are exempted from the obligation to provide till receipt to the customer.

The article 1, comma 1, lett c D.Lgs. 42/2015 established that these operations do not include invoice emission. This new article has added the exemption from the obligation to considerations certification and consequently to the release of the till receipt. These sales consider “ventilazione” procedure to determine the tax, because they are similar to mail-order sale (the transfer is delivered to the customer’s home and it does not conclude in the related shops); the only difference is about orders and payments, which are “digitised”.

Accordingly, you will never find a till receipt or an invoice inside the packaging.