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Payment methods


Online purchases at are sure and guaranteed and they could be done clearly.

Payment methods are:

- Credit Card
- Paypal
- PostePay
- Cash on delivery



We accept Visa and Mastercard credit card.

If you buy goods with credit card payment (which should be at the end of order transaction), your bank will authorise the only charge of purchase amount.

If you decide to cancel the order or if does not accept the contract, will require transaction annulment and the cancellation of the related amount. The length of the operation exclusively depends on bank system and it will last until their expiry (on the 24th day since authorisation). After transaction annulment, could not be considered responsible for delays and/or damages caused by the bank. reserves the right to ask the Customer additional information or file copies which show credit card ownership. If the Customer does not give the information and/or the copies, reserves the right not to accept contract conclusion.

During purchase procedure with credit card, could have personal information about the card owner; this information are sent directly to the bank website (a safe website), which manages the transaction.

* Credit Card Safety

In order to give you a complete payment safety, your online purchases operations at payed by credit card will be done with a safe server which use the protection system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This system encrypts your information, in order to avoid external users interception.

When you have to pay your order with credit card, will send you at a safe page (SSL) of bank website automatically, which will deal with the transaction.
In this page, you can insert your credit card data (number and expiry date) safely. The data are sent to the bank, with the highest guarantee.
You do not have to indicate which card you are using: the bank system will check if your card is compatible.
Online transaction is different from a conventional shop: the former is safe because nobody (neither can know credit card codes, the latter could show your credit card data to the shop owner, the salesperson and the cashier.

The code is used only for the payment; if the payment succeeds, it is confirmed immediately and receives only the receipt number from the bank.
Credit card number will not be in our records.

You can verify if your operation is safe in different ways:

  1. you can receive a notice message from your web surfing program;

  2. you can check if the page address includes “Https://”;

  3. you can verify if there is an icon of a key or a closed padlock in your window of web surfing program, which means that SSL is on;

  4. Thawte guarantees your transaction uses a 256-bit encryption. Your data are safe.



If you buy by using PayPal payment, you will send to Paypal login page. The order amount is charged in your PayPal account when we receive the order. If the order is cancelled, both if you decide it and does not accept it, the amount will be refunded in your Paypal account. can never know Customer financial information. There is no data transmission, this data cannot be intercepted. Computer records of do not include and save this data.

During every transaction on Paypal account, the Customer will receive a confirmation email from Paypal.

BE CAREFUL: if you need other information, visit PayPal website.



PostePay is a reloadable prepaid card of VISA circuit, released by Poste Italiane; this card enables you to have all the advantages of a credit card without having a current account.
PostePay works like a credit card.
If you want to buy at by using PostePay you have to choose “Credit Card” payment method or “PayPal” payment method and insert required data (card number, expiry date and CVV2 code).